Emergency Tree Service

One of Affordable Charleston Tree Service’s specialties is emergency tree care. Our highly skilled employees are trained to respond to urgent concerns such as this, using specialized equipment. We may need to use heavy machinery, such as a crane, to safely execute the task. You can rest easy that with our team working on your tree, nothing will go wrong. We take your safety in high regard and do everything in our ability to make sure the project gets done fast. 

We use no less than the best equipment for the job to ensure the quality and safety of the situation. All of our crew members use personal protective gear to protect throughout the process. Our ultimate goal is to bring back the order on your property in the safest way possible. We use strict safety precautions to keep you and your property free from harm. 

Emergencies concerning trees can be one of the most dangerous undertakings we have to tackle as a tree company. We need to face situations that can put our lives on the line, mainly when it involves power lines and downed trees. Removing a tree with very little space to maneuver around also adds to the challenge of the task, but we can assure you that no matter what the circumstance is, we will get it done right. 

Your safety is our topmost priority. Our team will carefully inspect the tree in question and identify any situation that can compromise the task. We will remove weak and broken branches and proceed with tree removal, if necessary. Some trees don’t need to be eliminated altogether. Tree trimming can be done for situations like these to get rid of the damaged branches and restore your property’s safety.

While storms and other weather conditions cannot be helped, their effect on trees can be avoided with early treatment. Call us and let our experts assess your tree and provide the right treatment for its recovery. We can remove weak and dead branches and limbs that can fall at any time. If necessary, we can install cables and braces to support the stability of your tree. Let us do our job, so you can have peace of mind that you are safe from falling branches and trees when the storm comes.

If unfortunately, after doing your best, your tree still suffers nature’s wrath, you know the company to call. Affordable Charleston Tree Service is on the go 24/7 for urgent matters like this. Our hardworking and skilled staff are ready to assist you whenever you are in need. We will immediately send one of our representatives to inspect the tree and the entire area, then provide a detailed estimate. We can make it to your home in an hour or two to get rid of the remains of the storm. 

Please don’t attempt to do your own cleaning of the area because of the many dangers involved. Our experts are fully-equipped and skilled to efficiently and safely finish the task. When we are done with the service, you will be surprised by how flawless the job is executed. Call us the next time you require an immediate response to your tree emergency!

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